About Us

Who we are? Since 2012, as Aemca Ltd., we have been dealing with the sales, repair and maintenance of 3D printers and scanners.
We are a partner of XYZprinting, the world’s leader in the sales of 3D printers worldwide. We also sell high accuracy scanners manufactured by SHINING.
Our range also includes parts and materials such as filaments and photopolymer resins. This was our response to the needs and expectations of many professionals
and amateurs all around the world. All devices and consumables offer top quality without the need to overpay. The key to success is affordable prices,
full support and vast experience gained by our company over the years of operating in this new yet promising industry.

Aemca Ltd. 67 Wingate Square Top Floor
London SW4 0AF
VAT GB 231096728
tel. +44 8704790601

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