203 x 203 mm Flex & Magnetic SET

  • Brand: Aemca
  • Product Code: 203 x 203 mm Flex & Magnetic SET
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Aemca Flex & Magnetic Build Surface is an innovative system designed to solve the problem of print-outs coming away and help to remove even the largest print-outs.
The system consists of a high-quality stainless-steel pad with appropriate magnetic properties glued to the printer working table, and an adhesive pad integrated with a flexible magnet. The highest quality materials such as 3M adhesive transfer tapes and Swedish stainless-steel sheet, which transfers the table heat to the magnetic adhesive pad thanks to its polished surface, are used for the production of this innovative product.
The set includes a self-adhesive stainless-steel pad of 0.5mm thickness and a flexible magnetic adhesive pad on which print-outs are created.

You can also order each item separately.
If you cannot find the size you are looking for in our offer, please contact us.

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