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Zortrax M300 Plus

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Zortrax M300 Plus

3D printer with a large work area and Wi-Fi connectivity

Zortrax M300 Plus is a 3D printer that has one of the largest work areas among Plug & Play devices. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and an Ethernet port, which allows you to create a farm of 3D printer printers capable of printing large models in one work cycle.

Desktop 3D printer creating large models in one print

Zortrax M300 Plus is a 3D printer that has one of the largest work areas in its class. It works in LPD technology, designed by Zortrax version of FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling), which guarantees high print quality and low maintenance costs. M300 Plus printers can be combined into extensive 3D printing farms capable of mass production of large models.

Large work area
A large workspace with dimensions of 300 x 300 x 300 mm allows you to print large models in one print.
Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity
Zortrax M300 Plus allows you to create large networks of 3D printers through Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Models can also be charged directly via a USB device.
Mechanical material sensor
The printer automatically switches to pause mode when the material runs out.
Improved extruder
The improved extruder with a new V3 head design and nozzle is adapted for printing from flex materials.

Based on reliable 3D M series printers M200

Zortrax M300 Plus is based on the design of the renowned and award-winning 3D Zortrax M series printers. The M300 Plus is another iteration of the original M300 model, a large 3D printer used by professionals at NASA Johnson Space Center and Vins Motors.

An intuitive interface

The Zortrax M300 Plus can be operated using a simple to use, intuitive, high-resolution touch screen. The screen shows the available options and preview of the 3D models loaded in the printer memory. What's more, the printer's interface can be automatically updated via Wi-Fi.

Where a large work field is important

FDM printers with a working area smaller than Zortrax M300 Plus can print large models in parts, which then have to be folded. Combinations are usually the least durable point of the model, and a larger working field allows to limit their number. Printing successively two parts of a larger model on a smaller printer takes much longer than the performance of this sego model on the Zortrax M300 Plus in one machine run.

Dedicated software Z-SUITE 2

Z-SUITE is a multifunctional software used to convert 3D files, cut models and prepare them for printing. The application also works as a wireless control center for reliable Zortrax 3D printers with Wi-Fi function. It has many features that increase the comfort of using the Zortrax M300 Plus.

Intelligent prototyping

Z-SUITE 2 is a bridge between your project and the finished product. Use a wide range of tools and facilities to speed up the preparation process of the 3D model.

Easy conversion of models

Just load the 3D file and Z-SUITE 2 will automatically convert it to a ready-to-print model.

Thin wall detection

Z-SUITE 2 will automatically indicate walls that would be too thin to print correctly. This allows you to detect problem areas even before printing.

Many filling options

Different filling options give your models durability and reduce material usage.

Editable supports

Take full control of the supports. Freely adjust the automatically generated supports or add them yourself in selected places.

Available materials

Zortrax M300 Plus has the same range of materials for 3D printing as the first iteration M300, expanding it with Z-ULTRAT. The improved extruder also allows 3D printing of more demanding filaments, e.g. flex.

Available materials: Z-ULTRAT , Z-PETG , Z-GLASS , Z-HIPS , Z-ASA Pro , Z-PLA Pro , Z-ESD , Z-FLEX

High quality and biodegradability

Based on PLA, this eco-friendly filament of biodegradable material has been reinforced with plaster to create a smoother and richer surface. Recommended for architectural mockups and high-quality display models.

Strength and smooth surfaces

Material suitable for 3D printing of models that require smooth semi-matt surfaces that can be easily processed. It is very durable and ideal for prototyping or performance testing.

Light transmission

This translucent filament is ideal for printing 3D models that let in light. It can be used in the production of functional parts and during the prototyping stage. Z-GLASS is resistant to scratches and the use of chemicals.

Highest resistance

Zortrax's unique ABS-based material provides unparalleled impact and temperature resistance as well as excellent surface quality. Z-ULTRAT is available in a wide range of colors.

External materials

Zortrax M300 Plus is compatible with materials from any manufacturer. The possibilities of Z-SUITE application allow printing with all filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm. Just load the spool of material and select its type in the software. The option of printing with external materials ensures the best results thanks to carefully tested 3D printing profiles.

Zortrax M300 Plus specification

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