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Zortrax Inventure

Professional 3D printer with two nozzles

Zortrax Inventure works in LPD Plus technology. Two nozzles alternately deposit the base material of which the model is made, and the support material from which the water-soluble support structures are made. In this way, Zortrax Inventure can print models with a geometry that can not be obtained on FDM printers working with only one material.


A small 3D printer 
with great possibilities

Zortrax Inventure has a system of soluble supports, a closed heating chamber and a built-in HEPA filter. All these features along with access to the comprehensive Zortrax ecosystem make Zortrax Inventure a Plug & Play printer capable of printing parts with advanced internal architecture, movable mechanisms, and short-run production.

Double extrusion
Inventure 3D prints of two filaments simultaneously: one material prints the model and the other is a water-soluble support material. Thanks to the extruder's equipment in two nozzles, it was possible to reduce the weight and size of the entire mechanism.
Closed printing compartment
The work platform is practically isolated from the surrounding environment to provide fully controlled 3D printing conditions.
Built-in HEPA filter
The HEPA filter catches more than 99% of the particles released during 3D printing, including those below 100 nm.
Intelligent cartridges
The material dedicated to Zortrax Inventure is available in the form of easily exchangeable cartridges, which inform users about the type of material and its potential lack.

Available materials

The material offer for Zortrax Inventure includes filaments for multiple applications, ranging from professional applications to prototyping and short-run production. Zortrax Inventure filaments are delivered in intelligent cartridges to monitor the amount of material remaining.

Available materials: Z-ULTRAT Plus , Z-PETG , Z-PLA , Z-SEMIFLEX

Strength and flexibility

Z-SEMIFLEX is a semi-elastic thermoplastic that bends without breaking under pressure. The material is an excellent choice for the production of flexible industrial parts.

Resistance and durability

Z-PETG is a PET type filament mixed with glycol to make it more durable and less susceptible to contraction. It is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and oils.

High quality and biodegradability

Z-PLA is an eco-friendly filament made of biodegradable plastic Recommended for printing complicated models with lots of details because it has an almost zero shrinkage ratio.

Resistance and durability

Z-ULTRAT Plus is a material based on ABS, designed to reduce the level of material contraction and achieve better adhesion to the surface of the platform. Ideal for printing precision and durable parts.

Support materials

Zortrax Inventure prints using three different water-soluble materials: Z-SUPPORT , Z-SUPPORT Plus and Z-SUPPORT Premium . All filaments are biodegradable and do not need a solvent.

Compatible with Z-SUPPORT filament
SupportModelWorking tray
Z-SUPPORT Z-PETG Build Tray (White)
Z-SUPPORT Plus Z-ULTRAT Plus Build Tray Plus (Black)
Z-SUPPORT Premium All filaments
Depend on the filament
Z-SUPPORT is compatible with the standard work tray attached to Zortrax Inventure. Black Build Tray Plus is recommended for printing using Z-ULTRAT Plus and Z-SUPPORT Plus due to higher printing temperatures. Z-SUPPORT Premium is compatible with all base filaments, therefore the type of tray depends on the printing temperature of the base filament.


Standard PVA filament

Z-SUPPORT is a soluble PVA support material designed to work at temperatures around 180 ° C. It is compatible with Z-PLA, Z-PETG and Z-SEMIFLEX.


PVA filament for high temperatures

Z-SUPPORT Plus is a PVA-based support material for printing at a temperature of up to 245 ° C. It is compatible with Z-ULTRAT Plus, an ABS-based filament.


Fast dissolution and versatility

Z-SUPPORT Premium is a support material based on BVOH. It works with any base material for Zortrax Inventure, it dissolves quickly and leaves no marks on the models.

Soluble support material

Z-SUPPORT and Z-SUPPORT Plus are support materials based on PVA, and Z-SUPPORT Premium is based on BVOH. Each of them is soluble in water. The Zortrax DSS station is a device that removes supports. The station introduces water into the circulation at the optimum temperature to achieve the best level of dissolution.

Step 1 Insert the model into the water
Take the model out of the work tray and immerse it in the water inside the Zortrax DSS.
Step 2 Rinse
Pull the model out of the Zortrax DSS station. In some cases it will be necessary to use the brush included in the kit to remove the remaining support material.
Step 3 Dry
Carefully dry the model when the supporting material is already dissolved. And that would be enough. Support material no longer exists.

Dedicated software Z-SUITE 2

Z-SUITE 2 is a software for converting 3D files, cutting models and preparing them for printing. Take advantage of its many functionalities and tools to streamline the production process of 3D models.


for Zortrax Inventure

The Zortrax DSS station is an easy-to-use device for the automatic removal of water-soluble support material. Just turn on the device, fill it with water and put on the model, and after a few hours it will be without supporting material. The Zortrax DSS station is designed to dissolve Z-SUPPORT, Z-SUPPORT Plus and Z-SUPPORT Premium materials, as well as being compatible with all water-soluble filaments available on the market.

Zortrax Inventure Specification

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